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Safe, Cost-Effective, Reliable

Cloud-based End to End Simulator Training Solutions

Conduct collaborative training from multiple training sites globally

Instructors view and control training from their Headquarters

Built-in Student and  Instructor Management System

Cross-platform E-Learning Solution Included

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What We Offer

From student enrollment, to e-learning based training, to simulator-based training, examinations,  certification, and certificate issuing. You can do it all in SIMMAC Cloud. 

Why Choose SIMMAC?

Combined Operation

Combine your seperated training simulators across the world.

Realistic Content

Our learning contents follow International Standards. It is also customizable to follow your organization's requirements.

Collaborative Training

All your training centers can conduct training sessions together, while observed by one Instructor in HQ.

Experienced Advisor Service

Our teams of simulator advisor, and consultants are there to help you in making informed decisions and find the best solution for your organization.

Our Range Of Cloud-linked Simulators

Cross-platform Learning Options

Our Clients

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